February 21, 2018

Moab, Utah

Known as the gateway to Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Utah is home to a stunning landscape that is truly unique. The proximity of the La Sal Mountains to Moab creates a varied terrain unlike any other, providing the perfect backdrop to explore the sights on any one of the three Scenic Byways. The absolute vastness of the endless sky competes with the totality of the stretches of red rock canyons that have been carved into the land. Both the nearby Colorado River  and time have left their marks on the land, creating a naturally formed playground, with acres of slickrock fins, countless towers, arches and slot canyons. With miles and miles of both paved and off-road paths, Moab, Utah is a beacon, attracting travelers seeking world-class scenery, outdoor recreation, and more.


The natural, recreational and scenic bounty of Moab abounds, inspiring exploration of the area from any approach, be it rafting, climbing, hiking, biking, and more.  For those seeking a more aerial perspective, try ballooning, a chartered flight, or skydiving. There are elements of the wild west alive and kicking in Moab, with archeological, cultural, and historic sites in the area that offer surprisingly human elements in the remote wilderness, as reminders of eras both long and recently passed.

Getting to Moab

Getting to Moab, UT is now easier than ever, with local flights through Great Lakes Airlines flights to/from Denver, CO and Prescott, AZ, almost daily. In addition, the Denver, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas airports are all located within 3 ½ – 5 hours, with option for both rental cars and shuttles available.

Moab lodging options are just as varied as the landscape, as there are a number of campgrounds and hotels in Moab, as well as other Moab vacation rentals for every budget. Moab offers a completely customizable vacation for travelers of every budget, sight-seekers and thrill-seekers alike. There are vistas to catch on film as the sun rises or sets, rafting, hiking and horseback riding, biking on the famous Slickrock Trail, or ATV’ing on the 4×4 trails leading out to the edge of the desert and beyond.