February 18, 2018

Working and living in a small town is no easy task for the average person. The job market is limited to what is available within the town limits, and what the local people need. This is especially true for a tourist town, where the jobs are seasonal. With the surge of online jobs, however, the job market limits increase exponentially. Working on a computer allows the job hunter to work anywhere and anytime.

Living in a tourist town, such as Moab, means that the jobs that are available when the tourists come. Here, it’s limited to the months spanning from March to November. Unfortunately, even though there is no income for many people during the winter months, there are bills and expenses required to support the individual and family.

Many local employees are very active while working, as well as during their off hours, hiking, biking, jeeping, and rafting. Many adventurers will not choose a desk job because of the lack of movement during the work day. Options are available to off-set the sedentary lifestyle of having a desk job so the employee can keep in shape.

Setting an alarm for regular intervals to take exercise breaks helps break up the work day. Getting up and moving or doing short intense exercise every hour or two will keep the muscles moving and also has the added benefit of keeping the mind fresh for work.

Another, more innovative option is to invest in a Rebel Desk for the home workspace. This innovative contraption has a tall desk over a slow moving treadmill to allow the employee to walk while using the computer, talking on the phone, or doing light work. It can be awkward, but with practice, this option can satisfy even the most active person’s need for consistent movement during the work day.

A third option, and definitely the most beautiful, is to take the laptop on a walk. Bringing the computer on a long hike might not always be practical without internet access, but if the job consists of writing, reading, or other simple off-line tasks, then these can be done on regular breaks throughout the walk. Follow Rebel Desk on Twitter. See a Rebel Desk in action on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNHoTwBYAsY

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