December 14, 2017


moab archesExploring the desert and slot canyons around Moab is one of the best ways to see what makes the area so special. Canyoneering is a term that can refer to anything from a Ruin hike, to rock scramble, to a technical canyoneering trip. There are numerous places that combine the fun of exploration with the exhilaration of rappelling and rope-work, for more technical descents. Make the most of your fun by exploring the wide variety of terrain that Moab, Utah has to offer.

Tame your inner mountain goat with a fun scramble up tight narrows and dry falls. Or, follow the dry falls down suspended by a rope. Rappelling down canyons is a fine way to get a close look at how the elements of time and water have helped shape this unique landscape, full of monolithic rock formations.

In addition, there are many accessible ruins and rock art sites in the area, tracing as far back as 10,000 BC to the Paleo-Indian peoples. Every culture left their mark, with a higher concentration of pictographs (drawn with mineral pigments or plant dyes as colorants) and petroglyphs (incised or scratched on surface) from the Archaic, Anasazi and Fremont peoples.  For some extra fun between activities, a short jaunt to take in ancient rock art is a great way to spend a few hours absorbing the human element of the history in the area.