December 14, 2017

Easter Jeep Safari

moab 4x4 jeep safariIt is world-class trails like Hell’s Revenge and Golden Spike that draw crowds annually to Moab, Utah for America’s most prominent event promoting recreational four-wheeling. Lasting nine days and ending the weekend of Easter Sunday, the Jeep Safari is one of Moab’s most widely attended events, attracting many enthusiasts nationally and internationally.

Jeep Safari Lodging

Be sure to plan ahead for Lodging in Moab if you are attending the event. Hotels, campgrounds, vacation rentals, four-wheel rentals and ATV rentals for that time period book up entirely during the Safari, so you will want to make reservations well in advance. If you are planning on attending, registering late means you may not have availability to join all the trail rides, as space is limited.

Jeep Safari Expo

The Expo is held in conjunction with the Safari, allowing vendors to display and sell products. Auto makers often bring new 4X4 models and concept vehicles to show enthusiasts. Tire dealers sponsor activities and show products. There is food, music and festivities. The town is packed and the the fun doesn’t end there in Moab, Utah!

Jeep Safari Weather

Grab your sunscreen, layers and water and experience the 4×4 adventure in Moab for yourself. Moab Weather can be a bit unpredictable, so bringing plenty of layers to choose from so you know you’re covered on your adventure in red rock country.

It is highly recommended that everyone driving trails in the Moab area be knowledgeable and self-sufficient regarding off-road safety and legal requirements. Many of the most traveled trails are situated right in the middle if a delicate ecosystem, with a local native species known as the crypto-biotic crust that prevent soil erosion in this arid desert. Please be mindful and always stay on designated trails. Law enforcement personnel monitor the event heavily, so drive safe and designate a driver if needed.