February 18, 2018

arches national parkWhen  a conversation is brought up about Moab, the first thought that comes to mind is the unique National Parks and outdoor adventures that are available. One of the most common places to visit when planning a trip to Moab, is Arches. Unique rock formations and picturesque views are enough to leave anyone in awe. Hikers come from all over the world to experience the beautiful trails.
Easy and gentle walks tailored to a less strenuous experience make Arches National Park perfect for families, moderate skill level trails offer a great workout with a beautiful view, and advanced, ranger guided hikes are geared to challenge even the most seasoned hikers. After you determine which skill level you are, and how much time you’d like to spend on each hike, planning your trip through Arches is as simple as following this guideline.
The shortest and easiest hikes last under a half hour each, and are less than a mile round trip. Balanced Rock is an entry level walk that leads to a beautiful rock formation. The Delicate Arch viewpoint parking area is a short trail that leads to another, slightly more difficult hike that leads to a steep canyon. Most people usually access this arch through the Wolfe Ranch parking area instead, however.
A popular hike for young children is the Sand Dune Arch. A short, 20 minute walk leads to a secluded arch that is surrounded by deep sand. Another short hike on a popular, well defined trail leads to the Skyline Arch.
Spending an hour or less on each hike that usually is a mile and a half or less opens up the possibilities for easy hikes. Broken Arch trail is a longer flat walk through a meadow that leads to the arch. Continuing along the trail leads to a campground, then through fin canyons, sand dunes, and slickrock.
Courthouse Wash is a short climb to a rock art panel. The prehistoric art has consistent conservation efforts to help preserve the wonderful formations. Landscape Arch is a very populated flat trail that leads to a football-field size ribbon like formation. This trail also allows access to Tunnel Arch and Pine Tree Arch. An easy climb leads to the North Window, South Window, and Turret Arches. For a different view back, although it’s longer, follow the trail behind the two Windows Arches starting at the South Window viewpoint.
All of these are easy and short hikes to see some of the most popular arches located in the park. A must for first time visitors to Moab. For return visitors, or guests who plan on multiple days spent in this unique park, check out the list of moderate and difficult hikes for a more challenging, although rewarding hiking experience.


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