February 18, 2018

Ivan Lasater is a Grand County local who works and lives in Moab, UT 84532.

Born at LDS Hospital in 1971, Ivan moved to the greater Phoenix area before his first birthday. He was raised with his brothers and sisters in phoenix until 1980 when he and his family moved back to Salt Lake City. It was there that Ivan attended and finished middle school and high school, standing out as an exceptional student and a leader in his class. Ivan graduated from Utah State University in Logan, Utah class of 2003 with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. He minored in micro-economics where he also familiarized himself with the effect market mechanisms have on industrial supply and demand.
Ivan is currently a Vice President of Operations for an energy company and is the Owner/CEO/Founder of ICL Enterprises. He specializes in oil and gas tank recovery systems and is renowned in his field for

Smile Ivan!

Ivan Lasater on his porch. Moab, Utah.

his management techniques.
Moab, Utah is the perfect home for Ivan. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast as well as a disciplined weight lifter and health nut. Ivan has been involved in weightlifting for close to thirty years now, competing on an amateur level until a knee injury left him unable to compete. This didn’t slow him down, however. Ivan still lifts weights and engages in cardio exercise on a daily basis.
Ivan Lasater began practicing Siddha Yoga while away at college and attributes much of his success to the spiritual path of Siddha Yoga and his guru.
As far as interests go, Ivan has two hobbies he loves to invest his time and money into. Tribal art and high performance import automobiles. Ivan has designed and inked several tribal tattoo patterns, some of which he has displayed on his own body. He is also the proud owner of a Lexus car collection, the crown jewel of which is his Lexus RC-F.

Getting to know Ivan is a sheer pleasure. He is a personable and highly likable fellow. He is an industry professional with a vast amount of experience and knowledge that he’s not afraid to share. He is an active member in his community who cares about his neighbors. Ivan is an educated and well spoken, affable gentleman, a valuable and compassionate friend, and a passionately driven success story to say the least.

Professional Ivan Lasater

Ivan Lasater is a professional in his industry


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