Ivan Lasater and I live in Moab, Utah! Easter Weekend is almost here and that means it Moab Jeep Safari time!"/>
February 18, 2018

My name is Ivan Lasater and I live in Moab, Utah! Easter Weekend is almost here and that means it Moab Jeep Safari time!

Ivan Lasater, Moab Utah

Moab Jeep Safari

My hometown of Moab, Utah hosts one of the most spectacular events in the exciting world of Four Wheeling! Each spring, my family and I participate in the Moab Jeep Safari, held for 9 straight days over Easter Weekend. This year will be the 2015, 49th annual Jeep Safari Celebration. It started back in ’67 when the chamber of commerce decided they needed to find a way to attract tourists to the area. In ’83, the Red Rock Four Wheelers Club took over the organization and expert execution of this event. Here we are, almost 50 years since its inception and it’s become the largest off-road vehicle event on the planet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hardcore off road enthusiast. I’m merely a fan and an amateur off roader whose lust for taking roads untraveled has developed with the rising popularity of this event. Just like me, people from around the United States and abroad come to the Moab Jeep Safari to cut their teeth on the greatest four wheel drive landscape the world has ever known.

Growing up in Moab, I’ve seen just about every type of off road vehicle. There are so many different ways to outfit a car or truck for handling the abuse it’s sure to receive on these slick rock trails and sandy bluffs. One common denominator would be the prevalent use of gigantic suspensions and even bigger tires. I wouldn’t just rally my Subaru back in the rough. Those trails are for fully outfitted, off road vehicles only. The baron and inhospitable landscape reminds me of a science fiction movie. Locals around here know all too well the dangers this landscape can conceal.
Here are some commonly asked questions:

Can anyone just come down and register?
Why, yes. They can.
• Do I have to own an off road vehicle?
It sure would make sense.
• What are the requirements for my vehicle?
Why, oddly enough, your vehicle need only be street legal, have decent ground clearance, and be equipped with a 2 speed transfer case.
• Would it be wise to bring my Subaru?
I don’t recommend it.

It isn’t hard to gauge how important this event is to some folks. A quick look around and we’ve easily spotted vehicles that have been outfitted with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment. Some people spend all their extra cash beefing up their four wheel drive for this one event. It’s also not uncommon to recognize the same faces every year. People book their lodging and register for their favorite trails months in advance. If you haven’t been here before and you want to come participate, you’ll need to keep some things in mind.
Don’t Forget

You’ll be responsible for bringing your own food and water. There’s no alcohol allowed on the trails.
• Bring your own safety equipment and spare parts.
• No side by sides or ATV’s.
• It’s spring, so bring some warm clothes. It can get cold.
• Have an amazing time!

My name is Ivan Lasater and I live in Moab, UT. I am the Owner/CEO/Founder of ICL Enterprises in Grand County and I specialize in Production Recovery for the Petroleum Industry.

My name is Ivan Lasater. I am an Executive Vice President of Operations for the Oil and Gas Industry. I specialize in Oil Field Optimization and Production Recovery and I am the current Owner/CEO/Founder of ICL Enterprises. I live in Moab, Utah. Moab is In Grand County and plays hosts to Several National and State Parks. The influx of tourism during the Spring and Summer months allows me to meet new people from around the world who come here to recreate in a geology both unique and awe inspiring. I spent most of my childhood between Salt Lake City and Phoenix, so I'm accustom to a variety of culture. It's interesting how so many cultures find common ground here. The word mecca describes Moab beautifully. For 6 to 8 months out of the year I get to experience outdoor enthusiasts making their yearly pilgrimage and interact with them. This has helped to enlighten me on many levels. My work takes me to many different locations in the US and abroad. I'm blessed to be able to travel throughout the world, meet new people, and experience new things on a regular basis. Had I known I would be so fortunate when I began my business degree at Utah State University, I may have been to excited and distracted to finish my degree. I consider myself so fortunate to be able to write for Moabsocial.com and share a little of the experience I've been given. To learn more about Ivan Lasater visit his blog Ivan Lasater on Wikipedia

Ivan Lasater

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