December 14, 2017


moab portalMoab is known for providing outdoor enthusiasts with a stunning array of terrain to explore. Hiking is one of the most accessible and enjoyable methods of exploration, as it doesn’t require any gear other than a pair of trail worthy shoes. In addition, hiking allows an up close look at the local flora and fauna of the area, which is an interesting mix of both desert and mountainous creatures. Keep an eye out for the cryptobiotic soil, as it is the delicate barrier against soil erosion, and takes many years to form.

Moab Hikes

There are many popular trails in the area, many of which are located in the National and State Parks. Arches National Park is a popular destination for visitors, and offers a diverse selection of hikes, from short 10 minute jaunts that are suitable for all ages, to 7 mile hikes through some of the more remote areas of the park. Canyonlands National Park offers trails ranging from 30 minute walks on the mesa top of the Island in the Sky District, to overnight treks all the way down to the Colorado River. Deadhorse State Park offers great views for just a quick Great hiking, however, doesn’t end with our national and state parks.

The Moab area contains a large number of pet friendly trails on public lands to suit any experience level. From cool stream-side hikes to spectacular sandstone arches, the Moab area is full of exciting day-hikes suitable for the entire family.