Moab, Utah has something for everyone. "/>
December 14, 2017

Beautiful Main Street in Moab, Utah has something for everyone.

Ivan Lasater, Grand County

Moab Main Street

Destination Main Street
After crossing the Colorado River Bridge on your way south into Moab, the scenic highway 191 suddenly turns into Main Street. The speed limit slows significantly to an easy 30 miles per hour as you enter into the Moab city limits. Any faster and you’d probably miss out on the eclectic variety of shops, restaurants, information centers, and pubs who’s charming storefronts sit juxtaposed along this stretch of road. It would be a shame. Moab’s thriving culture is reflected perfectly along this winding stretch of blacktop.

A Taste of the West
Running north to south through the heart of this rustic desert oasis, Main Street used to be the Old Spanish Trail only 150 years ago. It was the only natural passage over the Colorado River at the time and a major trading hub for both Native and European Americans. As historical as any relic of the old west, the modern amenities of Main Street still embody the pioneer spirit. It’s easy to imagine hitching a horse and washing the road-dust off in a trough in front of the general store or local saloon.

Local Culture
The locals are friendly and curious. The small town congeniality of the population makes it easy to ask questions and find answers that few but locals are privy to. Ask for directions and you’re more likely to receive a guided tour than you would be receiving coordinates. The people of Moab are a diverse gathering of old and new world. There are a plethora of artists, musicians, and eccentric characters living in virtual harmony with ranchers, farmers, and miners. Main Street is a clash of cultures that amalgamate to form the perfect mixture of practical and creative.

Most locals will recommend their favorite pick when it comes to finding something on Main. Seldom will you find a local who panders to corporate box store ambiance. The people of Moab make it a point to avoid cluttering their Main Street with Wallmarts, Cosco’s, and Home Depot’s. Even the City Market is an independent grocer with a local butcher and artisan goods. It’s a relief to see a community that invests so much and is so proud of buying local. From the beer that’s brewed to the vegetables in your salad, if you’re dining in Moab, chances are you’re dining local.

Finding an authentic western experience can be tough these days. Big Box stores, modern architecture, city planning, and zoning restrictions have left Main Streets across America bland and sometimes offensive to the eye. The appeal of a quaint and rustic Main Street, with a collection of friendly merchants and small town values can project a sense of nostalgia that touches a visceral part of who we are here in the Wild West. Whether you’re from here or from somewhere else in the world, there is no doubt, Main Street has something for everybody.

About the Author
Ivan Lasater is a Moab, Utah local and Owner/CEO/Founder of ICL Enterprises in Grand County.

My name is Ivan Lasater. I am an Executive Vice President of Operations for the Oil and Gas Industry. I specialize in Oil Field Optimization and Production Recovery and I am the current Owner/CEO/Founder of ICL Enterprises. I live in Moab, Utah. Moab is In Grand County and plays hosts to Several National and State Parks. The influx of tourism during the Spring and Summer months allows me to meet new people from around the world who come here to recreate in a geology both unique and awe inspiring. I spent most of my childhood between Salt Lake City and Phoenix, so I'm accustom to a variety of culture. It's interesting how so many cultures find common ground here. The word mecca describes Moab beautifully. For 6 to 8 months out of the year I get to experience outdoor enthusiasts making their yearly pilgrimage and interact with them. This has helped to enlighten me on many levels. My work takes me to many different locations in the US and abroad. I'm blessed to be able to travel throughout the world, meet new people, and experience new things on a regular basis. Had I known I would be so fortunate when I began my business degree at Utah State University, I may have been to excited and distracted to finish my degree. I consider myself so fortunate to be able to write for and share a little of the experience I've been given. To learn more about Ivan Lasater visit his blog Ivan Lasater on Wikipedia

Ivan Lasater

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