February 18, 2018

MOAB Brands Mountain Biking

Family Friendly! The Moab Canyon Pathway is a smoothly paved path that connects from Moab approximately 8 miles to Highway 313.  Right before that is a turn off to the MOAB Brand Trails.


Paved Bike Path – Session changing gears and pedaling before hitting the trails! Bar M - The family friendly loop is Bar M, an 8 mile double-track, suitable for kids of all ages! Best ridden counter-clockwise, there is a shorty cut left turn between the two Circle O trailheads that will drop you back to the parking lot. Rusty Spur – Great intro to single-track riding, super fun flowy goodness! Best ridden counter-clockwise.


Lazy-EZ Loop – Super flowy fun, with built in berms, great place to practice cornering. Also, makes a great connector to the more advanced trails on the Southeast side of the trail system. Recommended direction of travel is counter-clockwise. Rockin’ A – Great way to taste some sandstone without committing to the Slickrock Trail. Ridden counter-clockwise, you can drop right into Circle O. Circle O – Another great way to ride on some sandstone – this is also known as the “mini” version of Slickrock, and not quite so bumpy as the Rockin’ A. North 40/Maverick – Approaching the more technical side of intermediate, this is a great trail for skills building. Best ridden – you guessed it, counter-clockwise.  Maverick is a flowy swoopy single direction trail that can be sessioned – just like a pump track. moab-brands-mtb