December 14, 2017

The history of Moab is full of stories of cowboys and miners, interesting characters in local lore, all of whom left a rich and remarkable legacy behind. That legacy continues into present-day, not just as stories, but also in part as a well-developed network of 4×4 trails that span across the scenic red-rock desert of Southeastern Utah. The trails that led to herds of cattle and minerals are still serving today as a gateway to adventure, for the properly prepared outdoor enthusiast.


Trails such as Hell’s Revenge, Cliff Hanger and Metal Masher are aptly named and perfectly suited to this quirky little town, trails that were once used by cowboys, miners, and a fair share of outlaws according to the pages of history. Not for the faint of heart, these trails get hairy in a hurry, and will test the skills of even the most experienced and advanced 4×4 driver. Although beautiful, don’t let the scenery distract you as you navigate this epic terrain.

Jeep Safari

To this day, Moab retains its rich roots and character with events that celebrate the area. Hosted by local Moab club, the Red Rock 4-Wheelers, Easter Jeep Safari is America’s largest and most popular event dedicated to the sport of Jeeping. The Safari is chock-full of activities, group rides, and a large array of vendors showcasing all the latest advancements in the sport.  Geek out on all the best trails with group rides (register well in advance!), and all the best gear at the expo (held South of town in the Spanish Trail Arena).

With more than 20,000 people flocking to the area for the weekend, be sure to make advance reservations for Moab hotels well before the event starts. People travel from all over the world to attend the Safari, so be sure to also register early in advance for the event as well, as group rides do fill up early.

History Repeated

Bring Spring in properly in the vast red desert with other 4×4 enthusiasts, all here to celebrate the same sport together. Explore world-famous scenic vistas, in an area that wasn’t just settled by cowboys and miners – but which has also served as background to numerous cowboy and ranching movies.  John Wayne filmed in the area multiple occasions, with more recent movies such as Geronimo, City Slickers and Thelma Louise featuring the area. 

If you are passionate about Jeeps and love big skies and red rock desert terrain, be sure to join the fun in Southeastern Utah! As you push the limits of your 4×4 vehicle and off-road driving skills, try not to lose the trail scanning for iconic landmarks and scenic viewpoints. While traveling the trails that were at one point in time mining roads, keep in mind weather in Moab can be unpredictable and quite windy in March, so bring plenty of layers!


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