December 14, 2017

Parks & Forest

manti la sal national forestMany who travel to Moab seeking adventure also end up camping in the area. There are many options available to suit the varying tastes and needs of visitors to the Moab area. It is the most cost-effective way to become one with the outrageous beauty of the Moab desert. Moab camping offers many options for travelers seeking a bit more adventurous taste of the outdoors.

Moab Campgrounds

Although commercial campgrounds typically offer more on-site amenities, they are also often situated in the valley of Moab. Just a short jaunt outside the city limits, however, can take one to any number of campsites that more than make up for this lack of luxury. These campgrounds offer unparalleled views of the stunning red rock formations, Colorado River, and La Sal Mountain formations that draw visitors to the area.

National Park Campgrounds

Campgrounds in the surrounding National and State Parks offer unique views of the stunning vistas that make Moab a destination. Arches National Park, Deadhorse State Park and Canyonlands National Park have designated areas for camping that allow a complete saturation of the senses – surrounded by lattices of red-hued canyons and great wide expanses of sky.

National Forest Campgrounds

National Forest Sites in the area are also a bit further off the beaten path, and reachable only by climbing into the peaks and valleys of the La Sal Mountains.  Surrounded by lush verdant greenery, the views of the desert through the crisp clear air are simply breathtaking, and offer a different view of the desert entirely.