StoneFed plays at The World Famous Woody’s on Main."/>
December 14, 2017

If you’re going to come to Moab, Utah, you can’t miss one of the town’s best Local attractions. StoneFed plays at The World Famous Woody’s on Main.

StoneFed Moab

The spectacular sounds of StoneFed in Moab, Utah

Moab Pride
Rolling into Moab is always exciting. The beautiful red rock headlands that stretch from the north to the south of town with their cavernous steep canyons and jagged cliffs, beckon the traveler and entice the wonder-monger. It’s true, the town is an oasis in a land quite hostile to life. But the people of Moab are an oasis all their own. I don’t think I’ve ever met a more charming and fun loving set of locals. Aside from the geographical wonders, Moab boasts an amazing and eclectic array of people. Artists, professional athletes, river rats, ranchers, etc….the list goes on and on. People come from around the world to experience this tiny town and its larger than life landscape. Some never want to leave. That’s what makes this rich community so diverse.

Among the locals are an assortment of extremely talented musicians who regularly play out at the taverns and festivals that abound here. Everyone has their favorite local band and mine just happens to be StoneFed. As a proud native of Utah, I can’t help but take pride in the culture we groom. Music is such a rich part of this fine state. I know, we’re not exactly Nashville, but I doubt you’d have trouble finding the talent here to rival Nashville’s wellspring of musical culture. I say this because I don’t think I’ve ever been as impressed with four musicians working together for the sake of a song than I have been with Ed Stone, David Mealey, Jasper Groff and Jonathan Olschewski (pronounced Jon O).

The StoneFed Experience
The four horseman of StoneFed are all experienced and knowledgeable musicians with an ear for soulful melody. Their funk inspired rhythms and uncaged harmonies delight their fans and never seem to disappoint even their toughest critics. But the highlight of every show for me is when they deliver the goods with the awe-inspiring stage presence of true performing arts professionals. They know how to stage a show and keep the audience captivated from one mind blowing number to the next. Often times the listener is caught up in the driving crescendos and skillful solos that have become their trademark style. Covering everything from Willie Nelson to the Grateful Dead can take a lot of convincing for the fans of either act. But StoneFed perform every cover with a unique and upbeat twist, making every song they play, their own.

Covers aren’t StoneFed’s only means of skillful delivery. Their original work, collaborated on by all the members, translates as quintessential song writing. To know the songs is to know the individuals who play these songs. Each number is a peak into their outrageous sense of humor, their compassionate and down to Earth nature, their insightful thought processes and their love for music. A StoneFed show brings with it the promise of what’s in store. Gyrating Bodies and the smells of joyful celebration take over the senses as their music lifts the human soul to new heights. It’s never easy to describe the experience of being at a show but it always translates into a smile and I think that speaks volumes.

Moab, Utah

StoneFed in Concert

Consummate Musicians
StoneFed began playing together on the Utah local music circuit in the mid 90′s, auditioning and collaborating with many different musicians. They’ve seen their fair share of band members come and go through the years but most of the founding members remain. 15 plus years of playing music together for audiences around the country and other parts of the world has left its impression on these guys. Their musicality and professionalism under fire has earned them the reputation of being unflappable. When they’re on stage, they own it, and often times take it home with them. I have yet to meet anyone who “used” to be a StoneFed fan. Most who saw them in their early stages are still actively watching them play today at their favorite venues. Some may say that fame has alluded them, others have no doubt of the fame they exude among their loyal fan base.

For show locations and dates, please visit StoneFed’s official website or log on to Stonefed on Facebook


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