February 18, 2018

Moab, Utah has many different attractions. From Arches National Park to Easter Jeep Safari, there is something here for everyone. With many different activities to choose from, Moab is the hub for adventurers and thrill seekers from all over the world. Visitors travel from many different states and countries to visit the beautiful and scenic Moab.

For the visitors, we offer campgrounds, condo rentals, and hotels with great amenities. Some places offer swimming pools, electricity hookups, and nearby restaurants. Shopping, spa services, and vehicle rentals are some extra local businesses that cater to all of the people who visit this scenic hot spot. The local nightlife, delicious brews, and bar scene offers refreshments for after your adventures.

Finding the best local hangouts and favorite hiking trails is as easy as finding a local guide, or making friends with the local residents. Any of the restaurants along Main Street have delicious food and drinks for nearly any time during the day.

Depending on what your tastes are, most local favorites offer a variety of dishes to choose from. Thai food, sushi, pizza, pasta, and down home American diner cooking are some of the delicious choices to finish off a busy adventurer’s day.

After a long hike, if a beer is what you crave, visit the Moab Brewery for some refreshing local brews. On a hot summer day, world-famous Woody’s Tavern has the iciest beer on tap. Wake N’ Bake, next to Eddie McStiff’s, has delicious ice cream creations for the young and old. Gelato and coffee is offered at the Lost River Trading Co. on Main Street.

For the souvenir hunter, trinkets are for sale in almost every shop with a door. Magnets, bumper stickers, and shot glasses with “Moab” on them are found in gas stations and the grocery stores, as well as the little shops along Main. T-Shirts can be found in a few different stores as well. Many different local restaurants sell shirts with their unique logo on them as well.

Whatever the reason for visiting this beautiful desert town, everyone is sure to find something that pleases them. As always, please be considerate of the land and attractions, and they will be loved by many generations to come.


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