February 18, 2018

cable-archSpring is underway in Moab; complete with gusty winds and stout breezes. Spring is often a windy affair in the area, with complex weather patterns and predictions that are oftentimes confusing. Compared to rest of the country, however, the weather in Moab is downright balmy. In fact, the weather in Moab is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast, as the trails are perfectly packed and primed.


Spring is a time of new life and activity in this cozy little community. There are community gatherings and events galore for those seeking some culture with their outdoor adventures, and a good way to soak in the local flavor that is so abundant. The Contra-dances held at the MARC with the Moab Community Band for music are a great way to pick up some new moves on the dance floor.

Equinox Panels

One of the best ways to absorb the crisp spring weather in Moab is to visit the rock art around the area. If you missed catching the first rays of light on a Spring Equinox panel, never fear, for the Fall Equinox light falls in exactly the same angle, allowing two chances to watch the panel play out every year. The largest such panel is the huge panel of rock art located at the top of the Hidden Valley hike, not too far from the reach of town. It can be approached by going through the saddle on the left at the peak of the summit after the switchbacks.

Rock Art

If you have never before sought out rock art, now is the time! There are many pullouts located along Kane Springs and Potash road, allowing visitors a quick insight into the land, and all of its prior inhabitants. Many people have walked this land, and the traces of their legacy have been left on canyon walls for all to ponder and appreciate.



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