December 14, 2017

Moab Twelve Hour Adventure Race

Apr 11, 2015 0

Come experience the Moab Twelve Hour Adventure Race on Saturday the 11th, 2015 in beautiful Grand County Utah. Adventure Begins The Adventure Xstream Series is having their 15th annual Moab Twelve Hour Adventure Race on Saturday the 11th of April this year. It kicks off on the tail of the ...

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A Brief History of Moab

Mar 26, 2015

Beautiful Moab, Utah has a rich pioneer and Native American history. Take a brief look into the shaping of the Grand County Seat Introduction The innocuous tourist town of Moab, Utah has a population of roughly 5100 people, most of the year. During the spring and summer the population swells ...

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Moab’s Cryptobiotic Soil Crust

Mar 20, 2015

Understanding the importance of cryptobiotic soil crust in and around Moab could help prevent unnecessary damage to a sensitive and beautiful ecosystem. Impact of tourism Every spring in the sleepy town of Moab, this tiny agricultural community’s population of 5100 can swell by the thousands. Moab, Utah is one of ...

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Mill Creek in Moab, with Ivan Lasater

Mar 17, 2015

Let’s take a hike with Moab local, Ivan Lasater and discover one of Grand County, Utah’s best kept secrets. Getting Started On a recent tour through Moab, during the spectacular month of April, I had the privilege of commissioning my favorite tour guide. Ivan and his family have lived in ...

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Adventurers Can Stay Active During the Work Day to Stay Fit

Mar 29, 2014

Working and living in a small town is no easy task for the average person. The job market is limited to what is available within the town limits, and what the local people need. This is especially true for a tourist town, where the jobs are seasonal. With the surge ...

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