February 18, 2018

Spring is on the way, but for now Moab is still in the grip of winter. The weather has warmed up a little bit, but in many places there is still snow on the ground, so outdoor activities must be planned accordingly to the weather. A good example of this is camping; it is very different to camp in the summer in comparison to winter. So, with that knowledge, here are some tips for camping during the winter:

1.     Dress for the weather. Wearing extra layers, long underwear, and good socks and shoes. If it is winter, wearing warm, waterproof boots is a good idea. If it were summertime, wearing zip-off pants and hiking boots would work better. Either way, having clothes for rain or bad weather is also a good idea, just in case something changes.

2.     Bring plenty of water. This is something that is important no matter the time of year. It is still easy to get dehydrated in cold weather. So it is a good idea to have several gallons of water as well as water filters or purifiers in case one has to use river water or the like to drink.

3.     Bring Extra lighting sources. Whether it is a tactical flashlight or a camping lantern, alternate light sources are very helpful. A fire only casts so much light, and LED lanterns can be instrumental to navigating campsites, marking hazards, or cooking at night.

With these tips, staying safe during winter camping will be far easier.


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